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To err is human, even for judges and juries. When that happens, litigants have to give thought to whether to undertake an appeal of their case. A number of factors may play into a decision to appeal a court’s order or a trial verdict. Those include the importance of rights which the party believes were violated, the issue or issues in question and the potential for success on appeal and, last but certainly not least, the cost to undertake an appeal. Mr. Lewis has been representing clients in the appellate courts throughout the State of California and the nation for over twenty years.

Civil Rights

Civil rights law encompasses a number of discrete rights arising under the U.S. and state constitutions and statutes including discrimination in employment or housing and circumstances involving arrest and use of force by law enforcement or other government employees.


The business relationship between employees and employers is a complicated one under California law comprised of statutes, regulations and agency opinions which all interrelate to control how employees are paid and their benefits administered. It is also one of the most dynamic areas of law because every year the California courts are confronted with a large number of cases which arise because of the complexity inherent in the employment setting.

Elder Financial Abuse

As the population of elderly citizens grows, there are more opportunities for unscrupulous individuals to take advantage of those who rely increasingly on others for support and services. Financial abuse can be perpetrated by almost anyone intent on separating an individual from their savings and includes family members, care givers, and vendors of every description. California law is particularly protective of the rights of seniors defined by statute as any California resident over the age of sixty-five.